80 km / h – Emmanuel Macron wanted to lift the restriction … before giving up

Finally, with the growl of "Yellow West," the government temporarily gave in, announcing a moratorium on rising fuel taxes. This first government withdrawal is designed to ease the tensions that plague the country at the time. However, it appears that members of the executive are dissatisfied with certain measures, including the passage of 90 to 80 km / hst July 2018. This measure, carried out by Edouard Philippe, has apparently not sparked growing enthusiasm, even in the political class. Even Emmanuel Macron seems rather skeptical.

According to our colleagues from Europe 1At the time of the moratorium, Emmanuel Macron would have had to go farther and set the speed limit at 80 km / h to calm the trouble. The head of state would have been discouraged by his close advisers, who would have made him understand that "The blow would have been too hard for Edouard Philippe, who has committed himself strongly to this measure", This could have led to an open crisis in the executive, at the worst time against the "yellow West".

This proves that the President of the Republic never really had 80 km / h. A measure that is definitely one of the least popular in recent years. Remember that this law aims to reduce the number of road accidents. In addition, thanks to radar revenues from 80 km / h, the government announced that the surplus of radar revenue for hospitals should be reserved to modernize public and private health care facilities. At the moment, the turnover with the achieved 60 million income is only 26 million euros and thus far from it.

Source: Europe 1

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