A moratorium on rising fuel taxes

This is a first victory for the Yellow West protest movement and a first step for the government to reduce tensions further aggravating in France: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will announce a moratorium on the rise of fuel tax scheduled for 1 January 2019.

In fact, it is a suspension of the planned fuel tax increase of several months. In fact, gasoline should increase by three cents, while diesel should receive six cents additional taxes per liter to achieve a higher value than gasoline.

Following a meeting with leaders of other political parties throughout Monday, the Prime Minister responded to the expectations of the latter, who called for this moratorium to prevail. This moratorium must go hand in hand with other appeasement measures announced at the same time, according to the government.

The government will suspend this increase for several months and will not intervene from the beginning of 2019. Although this announcement has not yet been made, Yellow West speakers have said so. It was not enough to continue the protests on Saturday, December 8. Always hotter and fired by some political figures, such as Marine Le Pen or Bruno Retailleau, who immediately criticized this measure.

Will the dialogue be open? The fuel price is definitely back to its lowest level since the beginning of 2017, and this moratorium is a first handgrip for the protest movement, which shows its purpose day after day. Will it be enough? Nothing is less certain, as the yellow West wants concrete measures and final decisions that go beyond the price of fuel and aim for a more comprehensive field of control.

Photo: Thomas Bresson

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