A Tesla Model X driver turns off a pickup from a supercharger

In the United States, Tesla cars are victims of a real wave of targeted attacks. In a market where SUVs are the showcase of manufacturers, some Americans who love pickups, V8 engines and other engines have decided to annoy drivers of electric cars, especially the Elon Musk brand.

Indeed, it is very common to see large pickups blocking electric vehicle charging stations, especially those designed to optimize the charging of Tesla vehicles. Drivers of electric cars call it "ICE-ing", ICE is the abbreviation for internal combustion engines.

In a dozen states, such as Washington, the law punishes motorists who do not have electric cars in their reserved seats, which limits this type of behavior. In most states, however, there is no law to punish this, and anti-electric cars use it to prevent their targets from loading their vehicles.

A Tesla driver, visibly upset when he saw his colleagues were the target of pick-up drivers, wondered if there was a solution to this problem. So he borrowed his sister's Chevrolet Silverado and put it down in front of a supercharger to create more realism. He put the parking brake on the pickup, a two-wheel drive, and tried to pull it. The result was successful, as he managed to remove the Silverado, taking advantage of the two unrestricted wheels and the somewhat slippery conditions "without much effort" from his seat.

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