AC Schnitzer pushes the BMW M850i ​​to 600 hp!

The BMW 8 Series is available in two bodies: Coupé and Cabriolet. Under the bonnet, customers also have the choice between a diesel engine (6-cylinder series connection 3.0 L) and a gasoline engine (V8 4.4 L). The new 8-Series is also available in two versions: 840d for diesel and M850i ​​for gasoline. At BMW, however, we are working on a different version, which is necessarily stronger. This is the BMW M8, which will be launched in 2019 or 2020.

Meanwhile, AC Schnitzer takes the lead and offers the owners to promote their beautiful German. The preparer has put together an adjustment program for both versions. Gasoline and diesel. For the diesel version, the power ranges from 320 to 380 hp. In the gasoline version, the power ranges from 530 to 600 hp! The mechanical improvements are quite flattering, especially since then tuner has developed a sonorous exhaust system to produce noises when accelerating.

BMW 8 Series by AC Schnitzer
BMW 8 Series by AC Schnitzer

Outwardly, AC Schnitzer wanted to improve the style of the series 8. Whether we like it or not, we can not remain indifferent to this preparation. Shields are standard, but German wizards have added carbon inserts to give the BMW a sporty touch. On the back of the car we see four round outlets and a more efficient air extractor. In addition, in the third part, AC Schnitzer has added a third brake light, which is similar to Formula One.

In Revenge, the preparer had the bad idea to attach a fin to the trunk. Of course, that depends on the taste of all, but in our opinion this adds style and athletic lines to the 8 Series: Without the rear wing, the BMW 8 Series from AC Schnitzer would be even better!

The creator did not say if these improvements will be available for the Cabriolet body as well.

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