Acquetico, 150 inhabitants, nearly 60 000 fines in 10 days!

How did a small village in the province of Imperia (Italy) find itself on the homepage of websites such as BBC and Sky News? Thanks to his mayor Alessandro Alessandri and his curious record that he recorded 58'568 speeding offenses in 10 days!

And if this news went around the world a few days ago, it was mainly by reporting the number of violations to the population of this small town of Acquetico, which is only some 150 months old …

135 km / h instead of 50 km / h

The story was narrated for the first time by Ansa and Corriere della Sera, who interviewed Alessandri shortly after receiving data on the fines. The mayor has decided to install radar equipment in order to discourage those who drive quickly on the national road 28 linking Fossano (Piedmont) with Imperia and cut the village of Acquetino in two. Rather worrisome for the many older people who live there! Since then, the violations have multiplied: The published report announces that every three minutes a violation is recorded, with a record recorded at 135 km / h … instead of 50 km / h!

A challenge to see who is the fastest

The SS28 is used by many drivers as an alternative to the SS20, which connects Cuneo with Ventimiglia, but is known for both its deplorable condition and its radars. There are many. From where the exchange of the route in favor of the SS28, which cuts the village, and whose coating is particularly good. In support of a challenge between motorists, as explained by the mayor of the city: "There are two bars: one in Imperia and the other in Nava." What do the improvised pilots do in the bars? They receive a receipt at the start and one at the finish. " to see who is the fastest.

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