Aston Martin suggests transforming your old … into electric!

More and more we see old cars blooming that actually hide an electric motor under their clothes. A Ford Mustang here, a Porsche 911 there, even Jaguar officially presented a zero emission type E! And we are probably at the beginning of an electric revolution in classic cars, since Aston Martin's turn is to propose a kit for dealing with the Model Collection, the good old engine, an electric motor!

Aston Martin DB6 Electric Steering Wheel

Before you scream sacrilege, you should know that this is a reversible transformation. Which definitely contradicts. We can reset the original engine. That's it. It is therefore the heritage department of Aston Martin, which is located in the historic premises of Newport Pagnell. This "cassette" offers the possibility to install an electric motor. The Goal Continue to allow yourself to enjoy the old as you respond to possible new restrictive laws on how to use it. We agree that you will always be aesthetically in your Aston collection, but without the sound of the engine, it may not have the same resonance …

Aston Martin DB6 Electric Steering Wheel
Aston Martin DB6 Electric Steering Wheel

Aston Martin relied on his research and the development of the Rapide E sedan and the future Lagonda in this conversion kit. And with the Rapide E, in this 1970s Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante, there are a number of elements that the British manufacturer exemplifies. Do not be fooled by the mufflers or gearshift, it's an electric car. Converted to the Stromfee.

Aston Martin DB6 Electric Steering Wheel

The "cassette" takes place on original supports of the engine and a transmission and provides the electric systems of the car. The energy management takes place via a special screen which is discretely installed in the vehicle.

Andy Palmer, head of Aston Martin, explains the brand's choice to propose such a system: "We are aware of the environmental and social constraints that threaten to restrict the use of classic cars in the coming years. Our great plan for the second century not only includes new developments, but also protects our precious heritage.

The first changes are expected in 2019.

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