BMW does not want his cars to look the same

Many car manufacturers have fallen into the trap: they use a uniform design for their entire vehicle range. However, a number of automakers have begun to deviate from this design process. Hyundai said it was boring and the automaker promised to end this approach.

Believe it or not, BMW is following its example and promises to end the "Russian dolls" style to create more compelling cars that are independent of each other.

In conversation with journalists about Go car AustraliaAdrian van Hooydonk (Design Director of the BMW Group) said that every BMW (while maintaining a family look) will have its own identity. He cited the BMW 3 Series as one of the first models with an "independent" design. In fact, the brand's new saloon has a different style of X5, X7 and Z4.

"Look at the X5, the Series 8, the Series 3, and the Z4, and I think you're starting to see that these cars belong to the same generation of cars and the same design language, but these cars each have a character and an identity unique " Van Hooydonk agreed Go car Australia at the Paris Salon.

Van Hooydonk announced that the design of the Series 3 was a challenge as it had to retain the character of its predecessors as they evolved. However, we believe that this was not as difficult as he claims because he also claimed that BMW management gave them the freedom to design the 3 Series.

BMW has to act now and diversify the style of its future cars.

source: Go car Australia

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