Bugatti boosts production for Divo … and recruits!

We have the feeling that under the leadership of Stephan Winkelmann, the new Bugatti boss since 1 January 2018, things are accelerating in Molsheim. In addition to presenting two novelties this year, the Bugatti Chiron Sport and in particular the Divo, which was present at the Paris Motor Show in October, the brand does not hesitate to communicate more. At the end of the year, Chiron exhibited the Christmas market in Strasbourg. Although there are still bad languages ​​for the presence of this symbol of ultra-luxury … where should we rejoice and celebrate the outstanding French craftsmanship!

Bugatti Divo in Paris
Bugatti Divo in Paris
Bugatti Divo in Paris
Bugatti Divo in Paris

All this to say that the year 2019 in the continuity of this year 2018 will be on the side of Molsheim and that Bugatti will even see an increase in production! In fact, our brothers Latest news from Alsace Report that the president of the Bugatti, signing a partnership with a champagne house Carbon, did not mention that there would be more cars in 2019 to leave the workshops: "We produced 71 Chiron in 2017, we'll be three or four more in 2018, and between 2019 and 2021, we want to make 40 copies of the Divo without doing less Chiron." And at the end very positive: "That's why we will hire",

Still, according to the Alsatians, Bugatti would be prepared to publish an announcement on the recruitment of 120 additional employees in these workshops in Molsheim in order to achieve this increase in production in the coming years.

As a reminder: 40 is the number of divos produced by Bugatti. Not another one. About 500 copies for Chiron. However, since this is rare, Chiron costs around 2.5 million euros, compared to 5 million euros for the Divo!

source : The latest news from Alsace

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