Driver's license – A "responsible driver group" for signing!

Future licensees know that there is now a new requirement to receive the famous sesame! Do not worry too much, just one signature is enough to fulfill this new obligation, nothing else. It is indeed your initials to what Road Safety has presented as the "Charter of the Responsible Driver"!

The government agency wants to emphasize that driving a car is not just about knowing how to drive a car. "It is also a bourgeois act". A way to remember that driving brings with it rights, but also obligations to other drivers or other uses of the road in a broader sense.

As of December 4, 2018, each new license holder must read, understand, and obey this charter in order to become aware of the extent of the responsibilities they must assume while driving on the roads. At the time of the internet access to download his / her examination certificate, the candidate must view a prevention video and read the 6 basic safety instructions before signing the charter. No approval without acceptance of the Charter.

This new mechanism was adopted on 9 January 2018 in the Interdepartmental Committee on Road Safety (IRB) (measure 2).

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