Electric Scooter – The drivers are subjected to an alcohol test in Spain

Electric scooters penetrate our sidewalks. In Spain, a 92-year-old lady died in Barcelona from an electric car that hit her at over 30 km / h. According to the investigative reports, two people were on the scooter at the time of the incident. In addition, the driver was on the phone and saw the good old lady at the time of the collision not on the pedestrian street of Llobregat. Because of the danger this poses to pedestrians, whether in Spain or France, governments are planning to reform the use of electric scooters.

In Spain, the Road Safety Directorate proposes to ban the use of electric scooters on sidewalks. In addition, their speed on the road is strictly limited to 25 km / h. But that's not all, officials are planning to subject drivers of an electric scooter to breath tests and drug screening. In other words, the person who uses their electric scooter while traveling can be controlled by the police just as much as a car's lambda.

In France, the government is not yet planning to subject drivers of an electric scooter to roadside checks. On the other hand, the Minister of Transport announced the project to create a new vehicle category in the Highway Code in order to better shape this new mode of transport. The minister is however categorical: "We can not drive machines at 20 or 30 km / h, which endangers the safety of pedestrians on sidewalks" remembers √Člisabeth Borne. In France electric scooters are banned from sidewalks.

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