Elon Musk assures him the Tesla Roadster will fly!

If there is a CEO of a car brand who talks a lot, then Elon Musk. The leader of Tesla likes to make announcements that generate buzz, but he has the advantage that he will stick to it later. Therefore, we can only take his latest announcement in social networks seriously, in which he explains that the future Tesla Roadster can fly.

On Twitter he has an animation of a DeLorean DMC-12 in the same configuration as published in Back to the future II, with the retractable wheels and types of engines that make it possible to remove the beast, all accompanied by the message: "The new Roadster will really do something like this",

An announcement that would not be taken seriously if in the next roadster there had been no question of installing rocket engines, as Musk unveiled in June, explaining the small coupe would be offered with SpaceX-Pack including rocket mini-reactors. Although it seems plausible that Musk is also the CEO of SpaceX, some users have wondered if he is serious.

On Brownlee Brands, a new Youtuber technology that told him he felt he was not kidding, Musk answered: "I'm not joking, we use the SpaceX push system with ultra-high pressure in a composite box instead of the two rear seats.", He assured the passage that the roadster, whose 0 to 100 km / h could be swallowed in 1.9 seconds, could "to accelerate to the limits of the capabilities of the human body",

When he finally responded to a surfer who asked him how this might be legal on the streets, and if it was, Musk had fun: "I do not think the law anticipated this situation, so it's likely to be like this for a moment.", The Tesla Roadster is scheduled for 2022. It is a sure thing that legislative changes will be issued when the confirmation of a flying vehicle reaches us!

The official video presentation of the Tesla Roadster

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