Formula E reveals the look of its attack mode

As confirmed Motorsport.comPilots must enter an off-lane activation zone where there are three timing sensors after the attack mode has been preactivated with a button on the steering wheel to achieve a power of 225 kW instead of 200 kW during the remainder of the race.

Positioning the activation zone off-course ensures that pilots lose time before accessing higher performance. This system, whose use is mandatory, was inspired by Mario Kart video games.

The retransmissions of the FE in season 5 "will integrate virtual reality: the activation zone specified on the track will be linked to a graphical representation", indicates a ligand release. "This state-of-the-art technology not only includes the mobility of the cameras at the edge of the track, but also live telemetry data and powerful graphics engines that help to understand the race."

According to data from Motorsport.comThe exact duration and number of Attack Mode activations will be announced just hours before each race to prevent teams from finding the most effective way to use that mode on the various circuits through simulations.

The FE has also confirmed Halo's colorful LED system in the coming season. These lights turn blue when a car has an attack mode, and purple when the fan boost is activated.

The number of riders who will have access to FanBoost in each race will also increase from three to five, although this change requires approval from the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council. Alejandro Agag, CEO of the championship, explained this that it was there "To bring more variety into the race, a small modification of FanBoost, so we do not get tired",

"I'm passionate about Halo, innovation in attack mode, I'm thrilled with everything, we're changing everything very fast and at a pace that's in the Formula E DNA."

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