In the US there are seven new Lexus LFAs for sale

The Lexus LFA is an extremely rare supercar produced between 2010 and 2012. Only 500 units were assembled in this sport, and one would think that no new Lexus LFA is up for sale. We are wrong, because in 2017, Lexus said there were 12 more deprived areas in the United States to seize. Here we are in 2019, and thanks to financial documents published by Lexus, we learn that in 2017, three Lexus LFAs and 2018 two were sold. So if you are still interested in this rarity and hundreds of thousands of dollars have spent dollars on Uncle Sam in the country, Know that there are seven new Lexus LFAs in the dealers of the brand!

Lexus LFA Pearl Brown
Lexus LFA Pearl Brown

This may seem surprising, because if a manufacturer puts a limited edition supercar on the market, all the copies will be sold before the car is presented to the public. This is the case, for example, with the McLaren Senna, whose 500 copies were sold when the car had not yet been presented to the press and the public. Before marketing a model of this caliber, brands present the latest to their loyal customers, The latter are quite happy and do not hesitate to place an order, hoping to add value over time (this does not apply to all buyers).

The Lexus LFA is different and it seems that Lexus has difficulty selling the latest ones. This is quite strange, especially since some models sold at auction are sold at crazy prices, especially if the model has the Nürburgring pack.

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