Lexus LC takes the lead in Detroit

After securing the back of the UX with strong commercial potential, Lexus can afford to let go. The Japanese brand does not hesitate and presents two exciting new features at the Detroit show, the RC F Track Edition and this alluring LC Convertible.

Three years after debuting at the same event, the Lexus LC returns to the top of the stage with this novelty, which is currently just a concept. However, Lexus suggests it could one day arrive on our roads. The designer responsible for the project does not hesitate to summon a version of a series that would say so "exciting in many ways", We will not contradict that.

Concept Lexus LC Convertible
Concept Lexus LC Convertible

Visually, the LC convertible seems to be very close to the already marketed coupe both outside and inside. As is often the case with such declination, the only differences in the windshield and trunk are discernible, under which the retractable roof is housed. There is a little uncertainty about the latter: is it canvas or "hard"? Secret.

The published pictures show that this concept is a real aesthetic success … when the roof is folded. In the latter case, the car is certainly attractive, but it is impossible to have the heart with what we are given.

Concept Lexus LC Convertible

The LC Convertible loses lateral dimensions of 1 cm compared to the Coupé (1.34 meters compared to 1.35 meters). However, width (1.92 meters), length (4.77 meters) and wheelbase (2.87 meters) are similar on both models. No other technical characteristics have been communicated. We do not know which engine drives this beautiful Cabriolet, but we can think that it is the hybrid V6 or the atmospheric V8 offered on the coupe.

Lexus also brought out an SUV, the UX

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