Lotus would secretly prepare an electric hypercar

What will Lotus look like in a few years? The question that has been posed for years returns with even more force since the English mark has fallen into the lap of Chinese giant Geely. We've heard a lot about an SUV, but another, even more exciting, hypothesis is raised: the one of an electric hyper car!

According to the reporters from Autocar, who had the source of these revelations, the car would be referred to as "omega" code for the moment. It is already under development and will be available for the first time in the form of a concept car next year. It would herald a reorientation of Lotus, which Geely would be willing to focus on the new technologies over the next few years.

According to the same source, the hypercar in question would cost two million pounds (about 2 250 250 Euro 000), which would put it close to the price of a Bugatti Chiron. An astronomical sum that is not in the habits of Lotus is more of a minimalist sport and so far relatively cheap.

Such exclusivity offers extraordinary things in terms of engine and performance, but at that point in time, no number has leaked out. On the other hand, Autocar understands that the car will be based on a brand new platform.

The segment of electro-hypercars has already been released by Rimac with Concept One, Concept S and C_Two and by Nio with its confidential EP9. It will soon house a Pininfarina PF0, which has been formalized in contrast to the Lotus "Omega".

Source: Trainer

Cover picture: Lotus Evora GT430

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