Mazda enters the name MX-6, a new coupe in perspective?

Mazda has just registered with the Japanese Patent Office named "MX-6", and this is starting to shake up the small world of automobiles. Why? Simply because the name refers to a beautiful Mazda coupe from the 90s, and many want to see in this patent the first step in a resurrection of the model.

The MX-6 shared its platform with another coupe for the general public, the Ford Probe. It was offered with a variety of four- and six-cylinder gasoline engines with 115 to 165 hp (or even 200 in Japan) and could even inherit all-wheel steering in its high-end configuration. As part of the trend of organic design in fashion, it showed flexible lines and more classic.

Of course, Mazda does not have to use these features for a new MX-6. But does the Japanese brand really want to revive this model, or has it just put the name on it to secure it, as is sometimes the case? Unfortunately, given the recent remarks made by his CEO, who stated that there is no sport in the program, we would be looking for the second option. Of course, we hope that we are wrong and one day discover a new MX-6, for example, contains some features of the concepts RX Vision (pictured here) and Vision Coupe. Ah, how cute is it to dream …

Source: Auto Guide

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