Motorsport Network Announces Joint Venture with SECA Shanghai

London, 4 December 2018 – At Motorsport Network's rally, organized by Motorsport Network last weekend, the international technology and media network confirmed that it has established a new strategic joint venture of critical importance. Major sports and media company, SECA Shanghai.

SECA is one of the fastest growing sports, entertainment and lifestyle management companies in China. It is supported by China Media Capital.

The key to this joint venture between Motorsport Network and SECA is to unify their reach on the Internet, especially on social networks. So many content on motorsport – including videos, interviews, pictures and news – is published on the SECA mobile interactive platform, ZhiboTV. In addition, the Motorsport Network will expand its mobile presence by joining the Chinese social network Weibo. Through this joint venture, SECA also has access to Motorsport Network's 31 million monthly unique users in 17 languages ​​across multiple motorsport and automotive platforms.

For SECA and Motorsport Network, the agreement reached this weekend not only strengthens the two organizations, but also sees each other's expansion in their respective markets, with both organizations potentially offering more customers exposure to emerging markets.

The joint venture will be led by James Allen for Motorsport Network and Edmund Chu of SECA.

James Allen, President of the Motorsport Networksays: "The rapid deployment of Motorsport Network 2.0 continues and I am delighted to announce this new partnership with SECA as I believe it will be particularly useful to our common interests." Edmund Chu's World Class and His Team The SECA team has been proven by their success with the Formula E Techeetah team, the Davis Cup, the steeplechase and football. This partnership has tremendous potential: our commercial partners in the F1, Formula E, Le Mans GT and other sectors will be able to reach an ever larger audience in China and we look forward to welcoming Chinese brands and manufacturers Helping to reach an unprecedented audience and Motor1 platforms. "

Edmund Chu, CEO of SECAadds: "We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Motorsport Network, a well-known brand that brings together hundreds of millions of motorsport and automotive enthusiasts. one of the fastest growing sports, entertainment and lifestyle management companies in China. We believe that the combined resources of our two sides will help to improve the motor sports audience in China while raising Chinese industry in this area to a higher level. "

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