Paris connects 1000 autolib terminals again

Autolib terminals were desperately empty since last July. Sometimes owners of electric cars have parked in these 3200 spaces in Paris and the suburbs, initially for the famous Bolloré Bluecar service. Sold since It is impossible to continue loading at the terminals. But as announced, here are some of them resumed.

This is not less than 1000 terminals, which were put into operation this Monday, 3 December 2018. One third of the original park. How do you know which ones work or not? Just rely on the green light on the top of the terminal to indicate that the terminal is being used. Bollards scattered throughout the capital, as explained by François Wouts, responsible for the Department of Road Heritage of the City of Paris, interviewed by our colleagues from Paris: "We have filled up the most requested sectors while ensuring a sufficient network of territory",

For owners of electric cars, who can charge unlimited on these terminals, they pay a yearly subscription of 120 € or 10 € per month. Subscriptions are to be subscribed to via the website and not through as from 11 December. Until the subscription cards are sent, the system will be free in December.

To make the site more technical and operational, you need to know that the reactivated terminals have a 3kW load. "Basically, it takes a little night to recharge a vehicle," says François Wouts. On the other hand, unlike in the past, you do not have to rely on the Type 1 plugs that hide in the terminals. The user is now connected with his own cable and a type 3 plug. This excludes a number of electric vehicles!

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