Porsche 911 Hybrid – We have to be patient

If the 911 Type 992 does not bring anything fundamentally new in aesthetics, it obviously adds to technological and technological developments. And in a few years, it will be the honor to initiate something big in the saga of the 911: the hybrid drive.

When exactly, Porsche has not officially said, but the last elements suggest that it will be patient. Porsche sees the hybrid version as a further development of the model introduced a few days ago in Los Angeles and has therefore waited a few years to offer it to the catalog. "At least four years"said August Achleitner, chief engineer of 911. In other words, you will not see it until 2022!

The 911 Hybrid is more performance-oriented than the Panamera and Cayenne PHEV, which are already impressive machines. In fact, Porsche prefers to compare it to the 919 that started the 24 Hours of Le Mans … Contrary to what we used to think, it would not be rechargeable but would use a recovery system. Energy. The electric motor would provide for the drive of the front wheels.

Porsche also offered two 911 hybrids: one that acts as an alternative to the Carrera, and one that is more powerful than the 911 Turbo. In any case, the electrified models are likely to grow significantly in the coming years at the German manufacturer. Some will even make a definite cross on the engine, such as the Taycan sedan and the standard version of the Mission E Cross Turismo.

Source: Auto Express

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