Porsche 911 – Soon an SUV version?

Whatever they say, the SUVs have saved Porsche and now allow the brand to offer the eighth generation of the legendary 911. However, even today, SUVs still struggle to find their place amongst the purists. For a good reason, because they do not meet their criteria except four wheels and a steering wheel. After the arrival of the Cayenne, who has taken the right financial path, and the one of Macan, who has made Porsche a premium brand "volume", why not propose a third SUV soon?

If it's not in the boxes yet, the idea is there. This is definitely announced by Detlev von Platen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Porsche, who entrusted us to our colleagues at the Los Angeles Show and the launch of the new 911 Coach India : "The 911 is the central inspiration for the Porsche design and you'll see its impact on other vehicles, but take the 911 and turn it into an SUV?" It might be a good idea, but not a model for Porsche's range, more like a very limited series, a niche product ",

Do not expect a real "911 SUV", but rather an allusion to the past and especially the illustrious 959 Paris-Dakar or 911 Safari. Like Detlev von Platen, this version was supposed to be a real new model, but a niche product. A limited edition of the 911, which will certainly have a great success even with connoisseurs of the brand, even if it does not really symbolize the original spirit of the 911.

Source: Autocar India

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