R.S. Performance accessories inspired by Clio R.S. 16

Renault Sport presents the new line of accessories and derived products from R.S. Performance. This accessory is designed for people who use their Renault Sport on the racetrack. Right now R.S. Performance only the Renault Clio R.S, but Renault Sport will extend its product range to other sports of the brand such as the Renault Megane R.S. expand.

With the Renault Clio RS, this accessory allows the refinement of the vehicle by refining the aesthetic elements derived from the concept of the Renault Clio RS 16. This kit is limited to 250 pieces and includes a variety of accessories such as the body kit (2000 Euro) and Turini rims. In addition, customers can opt for carbon bucket seats, a special exhaust system, a bracing bar and high-performance brakes and suspensions. Note that the R.S. Performance Kit is not approved for the road!

R. S. Performance
R. S. Performance

According to Guillaume Calvar, R.S. Performance Project Manager at Renault Sport Cars, R.S. Performance "the offer that was missing between sports cars and racing cars ". Therefore, Renault Sport wants to establish a closer connection between these two worldsand hopes to meet the demands of its customers, who want to make better use of their sport during the year Tracktags.

However, Renault Sport does not say if these elements improve the performance of the car. In the photos we see that the Clio IV R.S., with the R.S. Performance is equipped, has a hood made of carbon and that the back seat has been removed. Maybe the weight will be reduced, making the French athlete even more mobile.

In addition to the accessories Renault Sport offers in its online store a number of R.S. Performance products. Noteworthy are the intercooler kit for 960 euros and the kit "drain valve circuit open" at 259.99 euros.

R. S. Performance
R. S. Performance
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