Redesigning the time for the Volkswagen Passat

The iconic Volkswagen Passat, like many other general-purpose sedans, is going through difficult times. However, she will try to find colors with a redesign that can not be too late. Here you can also see spy photos of camouflaged prototypes, both in the limousine and in the station wagon.

The changes are displayed where the camouflage is located, ie front and back of the model. They should be discreet, both on the station wagon and in the limo, and probably affect the shields and the optics. The grille is likely to evolve into something more or less clearly reminiscent of Arteon.

Technical improvements could also be included in the program. It would not be fundamentally surprising, for example, if the 1.4-liter TSI makes room for the more modern 1.5-liter TSI. Some even refer to a new Passat R powered by a turbo V6, but between us it is better to pick up the information with tweezers for the moment. More credible is the hypothesis that the rechargeable hybrid GTE is to be revised so that it offers a little more autonomy in purely electric. We will repair soon, maybe next March at the Geneva Motor Show.

The news of the Passat is also the relocation of its production, which was officially authorized by Volkswagen a few days ago. In 2023 she will leave the German plant in Emden to settle in the Škoda factory in Kvasiny (Czech Republic), where Superb and Kodiaq are also produced.

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