Tesla Model 3 – His prices in France and his autonomy revealed

After many months of waiting for the brand to increase its entry-level production to its very best, Tesla has finally announced the Model 3 price and announces its arrival in Europe. Good news for customers who have reserved their copy and are now being asked to select the configuration of their vehicle and confirm their choice. The first deliveries begin in February 2019.

There are currently two configurations available, the all-wheel-drive model 3 Grande, which starts at 53 € 500 (Eco Bonus deducted), and the Model 3 Performance, which has an entry-level price of 64 € 300. It should be noted that the Grande autonomy version with 544 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle has the largest capacity in its range to 100% electric.

In addition to robustness, the Model 3 has standard safety features such as automatic emergency braking and many collision warnings. It is this device that enables the US Agency for Traffic Safety to become the car with the least risk of injury to occupants.

It is also equipped with a year premium connectivity package and access to the compressors with billing according to consumption. The options are available in five colors. The model 3 is standard in Black Uni. The colors Gris Nuit Métallisé and Bleu Outremer Métallisé are around 1600 Euro, the White Nacré Multicouches are worth 2100 Euro and the Red Multilayer 2600 Euro.

As standard, the Tesla Model 3 has 18 "Aero wheels, but the 19" Sport wheels can replace them for 1600 euros. The performance package has 20-inch performance wheels. The interior is available in Premium Black and Premium White.

Finally, the autopilot system is the same as in Model S and Model X, but an improved autopilot option is available for € 5300. In this case, the car adjusts to the vehicles ahead, keeps its lane in the lane and maneuvers much more precisely when parking. With the performance pack, the improved automatic steering and the red color, a configuration shown here, we get a Tesla Model 3 for 72 € 500.

Our video presentation of the Tesla Model 3

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