The door of the Citroën WRC closed in 2019, Loeb opened "to any proposal"

For Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena with Citroën there will be no WRC round in 2019. After a serious study of the highest level of PSA management, explains Linda Jackson (CEO of Citroën) A few weeks ago, launching a program for a third C3 WRC will not see the light of day.

Pierre Budar, director of Citroën Racing, quoted by our team-mates yesterday, said that the withdrawal of sponsor Abu Dhabi has helped to change the situation: "His representatives have decided to take a break to take stock of their commitments and, except for one new event, we will limit ourselves to two cars in 2019."

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The funding for a third car in 2019 means that Citroën's final set-up for the upcoming WRC season will indeed consist of Sébastien Ogier and Esapekka Lappi. Loeb on his side explained this Apart from his entry as an independent Dakarist with a Peugeot 3008 DKR customer who was hired by the PH sports team, he was for the time being for the upcoming season not yet completed.

"At the moment I have nothing and am open to discussions with any team in any discipline"said the Frenchman, who also doubts the interest in participating in the World Rallycross Championship, where the situation has changed in recent months.

The track of the WRX has also cooled down?

Loeb is considering bringing Peugeot into line with its own WRX structure even though the brand has left the Lion as a factory team. However, the winner of the Mettet round admits that the future of the discipline and the ambiguities are unclear. This makes the commitment of a healthy project more difficult.

"What prompted Peugeot was the decision not to switch to electrics, it was a big problem for them and now the RX is not that expensive for me compared to other motor sports for manufacturers. But the show is good for spectators at events and events on TV – see Formula E: The show is not good, but they have good advertising and it's exciting for the construction workers – look at it on TV, it's not as good as the RX, but we do not have advertising in France, it's not really on TV, people do not know it I meet people at the airport, on the street, and they say, "Oh, how are you, how do you retire, how do you miss flying?" I say: "But I drive in Rallycross …" and they do not know. "

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Loeb urges IMG to find ways in which sports players can benefit from their commitment to the discipline to ensure the sustainability of the sport.

"There is no doubt that we need to improve communication, and for us, we have to do more American-style shows: we need an atmosphere where people talk more about sports."

In addition, the reduced costs for the next season must be taken into account in the near future. "We have no builders for the coming season, they will be private, and the most straightforward solution is to cut costs by 2019. One way to do that is to use the calendar."

A calendar that has stood up against the protagonists of the environment, while the menu 2019 is intended for trips to Abu Dhabi, Canada, the United States and South Africa …

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