The Mazda3 will not compete with the GTI of its segment

The presented at the Los Angeles show new Mazda3 has a plastic advantage and offers according to parents maximum driving pleasure. Two features that would have made it an attractive alternative to the Megane R.S or the Peugeot 308 GTi, when Mazda decided to offer a mechanical performance that offered the performance needed. Unfortunately, the Japanese brand has not done so and will not do so in the years to come.


In an interview with Australian journalists, Akira Marumoto, the new CEO of the manufacturer, was very clear: "We do not expect MPS (Three letters for sportiness at Mazda, Ed) for the future ". The Japanese brand believes that it does not have the resources to launch the attack on this segment, which is not necessarily very profitable on a commercial scale, and that it makes more sense to focus on increasing range. The ultimate goal is to compete with some European premium brands. In short, you can say goodbye to your dream derivative "MPS" for the 3, but also for other models in the range, it seems.

The same Akira Marumoto also made it clear that it was pointless to hope for a new sports car with a rotary engine. The RX Vision Concept 2015 was therefore just a style study. The rotary engine returns to Mazda, but in the form of a range extender for electric vehicles. It's less exciting right now …

After all, do not expect a sports car from Mazda. "I do not want to build such a car, I prefer the smell of gasoline"says Akira Marumoto.

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