The McLaren 600LT Spider is coming!

A few weeks ago, McLaren introduced the 720S Spider. In early 2019, the British brand is not breathing and preparing for the launch of a new car. McLaren has not specifically talked about this car, but thanks to this teaser, it's easy to understand that this is just the McLaren 600LT Spider. The video makers behind this short video were smart. Without showing all the curves of the super sports car, it is clear that this is a 600LT, which can be found thanks to the shadow of the car on the ground.

The McLaren 600LT is a super sports car based on the outstanding McLaren 570S. However, this car has been significantly redesigned to provide better athletic benefits. The performance has also increased to 600 hp, and the Spider version should develop the same performance. The McLaren 600LT Spider should, like the majority of cars found, take up a few pounds to strengthen its weakened structure due to the lack of hardtop.

The price of this wild animal as well as the number of units being produced is not yet known. We will know it very soon As McLaren gives us an appointment on January 16th to discover his 600LT Spider,

In terms of performance, they should not be significantly different from the Coupé version. Small Booster: The 0 to 100 km / h delivered in just 2.9 seconds and the maximum speed for the 600LT Coupe at 328 km / h. The power of the McLaren 600LT Spider is enough to face an ever tougher and more exclusive competition.

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