The new Audi S6 can be approached

At Audi, we are preparing for the presentation of the brand new S6. In fact, the Vierring brand has for now presented only "smart" versions of the Audi A6 (Generation C8) and marketed. We can not wait to discover the Audi S6 and especially the Audi RS 6 Avant! A videographer shot this video at a German gas station near the Nürburgring, while an unmasked prototype of the Audi S6 was refueled.

Audi has thought it right not to hide this sporty version. We can look at the sports sedan without the slightest artifice that would affect our pleasure. The shields of the Audi S6 are not foreign to us. In fact, they are almost identical to those proposed in the S-Line package. On the other hand, unlike other versions already on the market, the S6 has four exhaust outlets. And this detail changes everything!

Audi S6 spy image
Audi S6 spy image

So we are in a hurry to get to know the engine (s) of the new Audi S6. However, the Ingolstadt brand has not yet given any details. We can only speculate about the engines and their performance.

According to the information gathered, this new generation would give up the V8 engine in favor of a V6 bi-turbo. It would be the same block found under the front cover of the Audi RS 5 (and RS 4 Avant). This bi-turbo V6 should make 450 hp … or more. Finally, it says that a diesel version of the Audi S6 would see the day; something new for the S6. The diesel version could be powered by a V6 bi-turbo diesel, but beware, this is to do with large tweezers.

The presentation of the sports sedan is expected next year, so in a few months.

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