The new technical control for 2019 has been discontinued!

The date was set for January 1, 2019. Finally, the introduction of the new stricter technical inspection for diesel vehicles will not take place. Not this time anyway. This is part of the few measures announced by the government on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, to stop the growl of the Yellow West.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in his speech: "I have heard the concern about the technical control modalities that are becoming complicated and more expensive, and I hold this action for a six-month period to find the right adjustments.

Already hardened recently in May 2018, the technical control consisted of tackling diesel vehicles from 1 January, the opacity of which should be more closely controlled. Lower tolerance standards, a controller that is forced to accelerate more openly to test the emissions of the car, which can be seen as a double penalty for old diesels and those who drive little and are a little dirty.

A way to hunt vehicles with particulate filter problems. And when we said that less than 1% of diesel engines got under control due to environmental pollution, some rose to 5 or even 7%. Others talked about a third of the 15 million diesels on our roads that could not be okay. At least forced, for example, to change the particulate filter.

On the other hand, this is only partially postponed as this announcement about the lifting of the hardening of the technical control as well as the moratorium on increasing carbon taxes at the origin of the protean movement is postponed to at least six months yellow west

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