The price of unleaded 95 is at its lowest level since the end of 2017

The decline in fuel began shortly after the beginning of the Yellow West movement, yet there is no correlation in France. Thus, the Leadless 95 has reached the lowest level of the year. The tax hike moratorium scheduled for January 2019 will certainly help this decline to continue at the beginning of next year.

The Ministry of Ecological Change saw a decline of 2.2 cents per liter of SP95 (€ 1,4305 on average) in one week, while the price of diesel fell to € 1,4287 (2). 6 cents at the same time. Almost two months after the highest figures, unleaded fuels reached their lowest level of the year.

In fact, we have to return by December 29, 2017 to see an SP95 at $ 1.4079 and an SP95-E10 at $ 1.3870. The diesel has reached its lowest level since the spring. The peak was reached on October 12, and gasoline has since fallen by 14 cents, while the diesel price has since melted by 11 cents.

The decline should continue for a few weeks, as the price of a barrel falls further. The direct reaction between barrel and pump sometimes takes up to six weeks, which corresponds to the time of transport, the processing of raw materials and the delivery to petrol stations. With continued declines and tax increases, fuel prices are expected to be much lower at the beginning of next year.

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