The trio C1 / 108 / Aygo officially abandoned

It was a rumor, it is now a certainty: PSA and Toyota will not continue their cooperation in the segment of small city cars, but will establish new links in the utility sector.

Born in 2005 by a PSA / Toyota joint venture, the trio Peugeot 108 / Citroën C1 / Toyota Aygo had its day. From 2021, Toyota will buy the Czech site Kolin, which will ensure its production, increasing the number of plants in Europe to seven. "The Kolín site will continue to produce the current generation of compact A-segment models for both manufacturers."says PSA, which has not yet announced its plans for 108 and C1 substitutes. Toyota also did not say what the future of the Aygo would look like.

However, the two brands will deepen their cooperation in the utility sector. Several years ago, the Toyota Proace, a clone of Citroen Jumpy and Peugeot Expert, was assembled at the PSA Hordain factory. From 2019, PSA Toyota will lend another supplier, this time from segment C, coming from Vigo's Spanish plant. Then the Japanese brand 'will participate in development and industrial investment related to the next generation of light commercial vehicles',

"The agreement allows any company to develop assets and bring together technology and development costs," said Didier Leroy, president of Toyota Motor Corporation. Carlos Tavares talks about it "new chapter" in the history of "Win-win partnership" what does PSA associate with Toyota?

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