This homologated Porsche 935 is very rare and is for sale

Porsche has revived the legendary 935 race, but plans to produce only 77 units. Unfortunately, all these cars are used on the track only, unless a customer decides to homologate his car for the road. This is very unlikely. If you are looking for a homologated Porsche 935, you should look back and return to the first 935.

The car you see at the top of the page and in the attached gallery may be what you are looking for because it is for sale. This is a very rare 935, unique and homologated for the road. It was built by the German Kremer Racing for the legendary Walter Wolf Formula One. In other words, it's a real Le Mans race car for road use. It is 98% identical to the 935 K3, which won the 1979 Le Mans.

Under this racing car hides a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with 2.85 liters. In this configuration, the engine differs slightly from the race car and makes about 740 hp at 8000 rpm. This power is transmitted via a four-speed gearbox to the wheels. The body is completely made of Kevlar panels and the car is equipped with Goodyear tires.

Interesting fact about the development of the vehicle; Kremer Racing refused to answer a request from Wolf. He wanted a second air conditioner for the passenger side of the cabin, but it was pointed out that this was not technically possible and it would be better to simply wear a polo in summer.

What about the price? The athlete, who can drive at 338 km / ha, cost Wolf no less than 375,000 marks or about $ 800,000 in 1980. If you want to buy him today, you must contact the seller to get his prize. is several million euros.

Source: via TradeUniqueCars

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