Two new charges against Carlos Ghosn

The case of Carlos Ghosn is not complicated for the former CEO of Nissan. While his hearing was suspended because of a feverish condition, Ghosn was summoned twice, the court in Tokyo said. His lawyers applied for a bail immediately, although he looks physically weak and has been detained for over a month

The prosecution is suing him for breaching his trust and lowering his income in Nissan's financial reports since 2015 and until his arrest in November. Which aggravates his case as he is accused of undervaluing his income in the last five years. His first charges were those of Greg Kelly, a former director of Nissan, and the brand as a public company. Both parties are cited again in these new charges.

According to the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office, the breach of trust is an attempt to cover personal investment losses at the time of the 2008 financial crisis totaling € 15 million. Ghosn is still defending himself for acting illegally and still declaring his innocence "acted lawfully and with the knowledge and consent of the leaders",

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