Virtual visit to the Bugatti workshop in Alsace

Last May, Bugatti presented the 100th Chiron produced in its Alsatian workshop. Since then, we assume that the brand has built 20 more. A total of 500 copies will be put together. According to our information, 70 copies are sent to renowned customers each year. It's not much for the standards of the modern automotive industry, but there is a pretty straightforward explanation – Bugatti focuses on quality rather than quantity.

In fact, each Chiron is assembled from more than 1800 pieces by hand. Around twenty employees of the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France work on this work. If you are rich and happy enough to order a Chiron, you can adjust everything. The charm of customizing your Chiron takes place at Château St Jean in Molsheim, where guests are greeted by a designer who shows them all the possibilities.

In his last video, YouTubeur Shmee150 We will do a virtual tour of the Bugatti factory. After visiting the place where the designer meets future customers, he will take a look at the workshop where the cars are actually made. It takes about eight weeks for each Chiron to move from the drawing board to a full supercar before handing it over to the new owner.

2017 Production of Bugatti Chiron at the Molsheim plant
2017 Production of Bugatti Chiron at the Molsheim plant
2017 Production of Bugatti Chiron at the Molsheim plant

At the end of the video, Shmee150 also returns "on the past" to discover the roots of the French brand. Right now we are seeing some of Bugatti's rarest and most exotic cars like the T35, the Royal, the Veyron 16.4 and the Veyron Vitesse WRC.

That means we may not have to tell you, but do not forget to watch the entire video at the top of this page. It is definitely worth half an hour of your day.

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