Volkswagen has developed a new greener diesel fuel

"Diesel is bad, diesel is responsible for the pollution, diesel must be banned," is heard in various discussions. After the stunning case of the diesel gate, of which the Volkswagen Group is convicted, the Wolfsburg-based master builder wants to redeem an image. Volkswagen has been testing a new diesel fuel since January 2018. This is the R33 BlueDiesel, which is supposed to reduce CO2 at least 20% compared to conventional diesel.

This fuel is manufactured by Shell in collaboration with other companies in the industry. The Volkswagen R33 BlueDiesel "complies with the diesel standard DIN EN 590 and meets all the criteria for using a standard fuel". The peculiarity of this R33 BlueDiesel lies in its condition. In fact, up to 33% of its components come from waste and residues. For example, frying oil that is recovered, filtered, and purified before being converted to paraffin.

The R33 BlueDiesel is already being used by the group's employees, who choose the R33 BlueDiesel instead of the conventional diesel (as part of a test phase). In the near future Volkswagen partners will use this "biofuel" like Robert Bosch GmbH.

All diesel vehicles can drive with the R33 BlueDiesel. In fact, Volkswagen says that it makes no sense to modify the engine beforehand. All of this is fine, but the German brand does not say whether this fuel is more fuel efficient (the liter price) and whether it will allow for the autonomy of a diesel vehicle (like many kilometers) or not one with a full one?).

Project Manager Thomas Garbe from the Volkswagen Development Department said in his public announcement: "The R33 BlueDiesel is particularly suitable for companies that want to use diesel vehicles because of their great autonomy, but also to achieve their environmental goals." In the medium term, we are preparing for a significant increase in demand for liquid fuels from renewable resources. "Residuals and advanced biofuels that the public service stations will also offer the R33 as a "green fuel" in the near future. "

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