Why Aston Martin will not be a manufacturer of F1 engines

The revelations about Aston Martin are definitely on the verge of Formula One at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Andy Palmer, the charismatic boss of the British company, announces that he plans to double the production of his models here 2025, tells us something more about the desire to become F1 engine.

The British manufacturer, which is not satisfied with sports cars, is also very present in motorsport, including as title sponsor of the team Red Bull Racing. Hence the study carried out with the Strategic Group F1 on the possibility of becoming a supplier of engines from 2021 onwards. However, it seems that this is ultimately endangered.

If the entry of new engine manufacturers had been stimulated in a plan for a new vision of Formula 1 after 2020. After Porsche and Aston Martin had expressed interest in the possibility of making engines cheaper, they were fed their momentum

The post-2020 Formula 1 vision presented in April included cheaper and simpler engines to encourage new automakers to enter the sport. Porsche and Aston Martin participated in some meetings. However, the plan changes initiated by Liberty Media, the owners of the commercial rights to the championship, have contributed to their enthusiasm.

"As the rules changed, we wondered if we should not make our own engine for Formula One." said Andy Palmer on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. "But Liberty then changed his mind to continue with the current engine, so we canceled those plans." The reason? So that Renault, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari can remain in the discipline, after the development costs for the production of hybrid units with considerable disadvantages have increased.

On Red Bull's side, the team will move from Renault to Honda for the upcoming season. The engines are since 2014 V6 1.6-liter turbo hybrid. Andy Palmer supported Red Bull's partnership with Honda: "Red Bull makes his own decision, I support this decision in any case. It is a good way to continue. "

Note that Aston Martin recently announced the creation of a new regional office in Yas Marina near the racetrack. Aston Martin's new official home in the Middle East.

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